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Easy Testing

Wild Insta – Easy Testing

Table of Contents

Easy testing of everything (Instagram activity included) is essential for your time spent. In this Bonus part of the Wild Insta Course called “Easy Testing” we talk about advertising, which is an important method of promoting your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Bonus  – Easy Testing

All right. What is up, guys? Hope you guys having an amazing day today. So I just want to show you guys a quick tip on how to know which photo to post for me. It’s always kind of difficult trying to figure out which photo to edit, which one I think is going to do best. I’m over my time doing social media.

I have a pretty good understanding of what kind of photos perform well. However, every once in a while there’ll be a photo that I’m really excited about that just does not do good, and then there’ll be photos that, you know, I don’t really care too much for that. We’ll just do exceptionally well. All right, so here’s what you do.

To decide which photo to edit, which photo to post. Whether you’re a photographer, you’re a model, you’re a musician, you’re anything. You’re trying to figure out which content is going to get you the highest returns. Well, here, here’s what you do. Here’s how you can test your products, test your photos, test your imagery, test your videos, test or songs, whatever you want to do.

Here’s how you test it before you send it and release it to the public and posted on your Instagram. Okay. So here’s what you do. I just created a new campaign. This is for testing. Um, so I’m going to, the campaign is geared towards traffic, and so basically here’s what you do, okay? When you create a new campaign, you go in here, you write for traffic, and then after you hit traffic, it’s going to say a campaign name, and you type in a name.

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You turn this off, campaign budget optimization, you hit continue, and then it’s going to go into the ad set categories here on the left. But I already have a new campaign set up for this, so I’m going to head on over there and we’ll go into the ad sets in the ad area from here. Okay, so I have this ad already kind of set up and going.

This is just something I, uh, I set up just for this video. Um, basically I’m going to start from scratch though, so I’m going to say create a new ad set. All right. And here’s the idea. Here is what you do so that you can test your photos, your videos, your songs, whatever it is you want to do. You can test it ahead of time by doing this.

So, um, ad set name, I might say like the photo too, cause I already have a photo one. And then what I want to do is I want to advertise to cheap countries, really cheap. So I already know that, like Algiers. Um. Is really cheap. Uh, I’ll Jews, Providence, it’s fine. And then ma, DRA India is really cheap. Um, and maybe am I do Deli as well.

Okay. And then the audience, my average audience is 18 to 34 on my Instagram. And, uh, if I were treading, trying to get followers, maybe I might only do men, but I want this to appeal to all demographics. So I’m going to do all. And maybe people who speak English. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to type in a few interests here, portrait photography that fits my feed interest.

And then, um, maybe just photography in general, and I gotta make sure this is unchecked and this is fine. This is all good. Make sure it’s all good. All right. And then go to edit placements. I’m going to go and turn off the desktop, so only mobile, turn off Facebook, audience network, and messenger, and then turn off the stories. And then I’m going to scroll down here and add that type.

Wild Insta Bonus – Cheapest Followers

I want impressions. Well, I want a unique daily reach. Um, actually I want it to reach unique people. Uh, and then I’m going to hit, set it to $1. Okay. So with $1, I’m going to reach four points 8,000 to 14,000 people. That’s enough people to give me enough data on what’s going on. And I guess set a start and end date.

And right now it’s two in the morning. Um, I’m going to wake up probably around 9:00 AM so I can set this for, I want this, Oh, I want this done by today, August 4th. By 10:00 AM so by the time I’m ready to edit photos, I want this ad set to be done and it’s going to spend $1 in that time. So, uh, and I’m going to change this to a lifetime budget, a $1 not daily budget, my bad.

So before 10:00 AM it will spend my dollar and it’ll reach 15,000 to 43,000 people, which is great. That’s going to give me a ton of information. So I’m going to continue here. And this is the ad identity. So I might say this is going to be, um, I might say photo one or whatever it is, but actually, this is going to be a top photo.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take some, like one or two of my best pieces. So my best photos, my best songs, my best videos are going to take one or two depending on whatever medium. Um, you’re creating, I’m going to take one or two of my best ones and I’m going to set this up to spend $1 on engagement.

And basically, what you’re going to do with those that will give you a base for, you know, when you, your best content will get X amount of likes, um, with $1 spent. So what you do is you take. Several other, um, pieces of content. Then you’re thinking about posting or editing or doing whatever with it, and you spend $1 to reach those 15,000 people, and based on the amount of engagement you get, you judge that against one another.

So if you’re trying to choose between five photos, um, you basically, you choose the edit, edit the one that got the most engagement with that $1, because numbers don’t lie. And, or if you’re doing songs, you could make a snippet of the song. Or even if you’re trying to figure out what to title your song or the cover art of your song, or if you’re trying to create a video, maybe you’re trying to see, um, does, uh, one kind of framework better in the beginning or does another?

Um, if you’re trying to figure out a good clickbait kind of title for a YouTube video, you could test this cause when you test this. You’re testing in these third world countries that don’t really care and they’re probably don’t already follow you. It’s not like the people who are going to be buying from you.

Wild Insta Bonus #2- Bans & Similar Stuff

So what you do is you test it over there. You can figure out what’s going to do best based on the numbers, and then when you post it for yourself, you’ll always be posting the best content every single time. So I’m going to go through here. I’m going to upload one of the images. I have this testing folder, there’s got a bunch of different photos that I’m going to be testing.

Um, and let’s just do this one. There’s an unedited photo of one of my better photos. I can upload that one and I might say something like, follow for more photos. Um, a lot of the language, you know, it’s super primitive over there for English. Um, some speak English very well and some don’t speak it as well, but I’m not going to worry too much about it.

That’s not what it’s about. I’m wondering and most curious about the likes that this unedited photo will get. Um, because this photo did really well on my feed, so I want to see how the other photos I’ll be testing will do against these photos. Cause if one does better than this, while. That’s really good news.

That’s something I need to be aware of for the website URL I’m just going to type in my Instagram

because it doesn’t matter. And maybe I’ll say something like, subscribe. It doesn’t really matter. That’s, that’s not what we’re worried about and this is good. Um, I don’t need anything more. And we’re set up, hit review. This is perfect and safe.

We’re gonna publish a draft item now it’s publishing.

So now it’s in review. Um, depending on what kind of content you’re posting, sometimes it will get rejected. Um, if you’re, if you post like kinda more scandalous stuff like they have some terms and conditions, you have to follow advertising. Um, so just know that you can’t post stuff that’s like gory or too sexual or anything like that.

Um, they won’t let you do it. They won’t let you do that. But once you have this all set up, I can double-check in here and make sure it’s all good. Daily, unique reach. Perfect. So it’s reaching unique people. Every time I’m spending $1, I’m adding these places. All perfect. 18 portrait photography. All that’s good placement.

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Instagram, mobile-only on feeds. Excellent. All right, this is all well and good. So what I’m going to do here is all I’m going to do is I’m going to duplicate this duplicate at once. Perfect. And then I might type photo three and now we have all of the settings still the same. But now I can go into the ad

and change the adhere. Okay. Test photo one and change this to, um, changes to your new photo change image. All right, perfect. Now I have this image that I can test before I go through all the pains of editing it and making it look super nice to see how it’ll do in comparison to my other photos. And I can test as many as I want and only cost a dollar every time I could even do less.

I could do like 50 cents, but a dollar is a good amount because then you’re reaching a few thousand people and you have accurate data on how well your photo is going to do versus other photos. And then you can pick more wisely. And here’s, here’s a tip. If you’re. If you’re a model, what I would do is take a white background and have somebody take a bunch of photos of you from different angles.

And with different hairstyles, different kinds of clothes, smiling, different expressions and test all of those and see what does best. So you know your angles the best. Um, that’s what I would do. And photographers, you know, tried testing, getting further away, closer to the subject, more landscape, less landscape, beaches, mountains.

Try testing these things and see what are people engaging the most. And then you’re going to have your numbers down. If you’re, um, doing anything, uh, if you’re taking videos, take photos and take videos of these different, you know, things and, and see what are these audiences liked the most and just start doing really, really broken down tests of each individual pieces to see which one does best.

You know, if you’re a videographer may be, and you’re trying to decide between two different clips. You know, just upload the 32nd clip of one and 32nd clip of the other and just see what naturally does a little bit better than the other. Your T you are sending this to so many people with that $1 like you saw, I think it was like 14,000 people.

You’ll get enough data out of those 14,000 people to know which one is going to perform best. Um, anyway, guys, I hope this has been super helpful in figuring out a new way to test your photos before you edit them, before you post them, or test your songs or to test anything that you’re doing, your advertisements, anything before you post it to see which one will get the most engagement.

All right guys, I look forward to your success. Thank you.

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