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How To Start Your Online Store In 5 Easy Steps

How To Start Your Online Store In 5 Easy Steps

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To open an online store, you need to build your strategy and decide on some aspects that will directly affect the success of your store. Before starting an online store, the question most often arises of how to choose a profitable niche, establish a consistent sale of products, and form a large group of interested shoppers. Five simple steps to a successful online store will help you to make a decision and make the right choice. Let’s get started!

In 2021, according to expert predictions, the number of online buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion people, and it’s already 25% of all people on the planet!

These numbers can shock anyone, right?

Online shopping has recently become more and more popular, gradually crowding out regular shopping trips. Besides, more and more people turn to the Internet, not only for shopping, but also for entertainment, getting medicines and even products, and they also find new hobbies here.

Even though the number of e-commerce stores reaches massive amounts – about 20 million – a lot of money people earn here. According to statistics, the profit from e-commerce stores is growing at approximately 7% every year, and it’s a very significant pace. Besides, every year it becomes easier to open your online store.

Let’s proceed directly to the 5 steps towards a successful and competitive online store.


Step 1. Choose Your Niche

The first aspect that you need to decide is the niche in which your online store will work.
You may have some interests or even a passion for a specific direction – sports, art, or health. However, this is a too broad niche, and to achieve success, it must be narrowed more.
Ask yourself: what audience do you want to create your store for? After all, the main thing in a successful business is to satisfy the needs and dreams of your customers. If you decide on your target audience, then you can build a strategy. With its help, you will find a common language with your customers and determine what you will sell for them.

Here are some more tips to help you get deeper into this area.

To find a solution to these issues, you need to find your niche and prepare a place for your business in any market. You’ll have to go down three levels in depth. Let’s look at what these levels are.

The first level really consists of only three areas of the market – health, wealth, and relationships.

The second level includes a huge number of submarkets in different directions (diets, investments, tips, and dating guides, etc.).

And finally, the third level (actually a niche) is the place that online commerce stores set aside in order to make money in the process.

For example, you want to help people become more confident and decisive so that they can find their soulmate and build strong relationships. Then you will choose the relationship market, the submarket of relationship advice. Then your niche may be “help people find their soulmate through training webinars and tips.”

The same scheme will be if you choose a health market, having the desire to strengthen a healthy mind and improve overall health. Then your submarket will be nutrition, and the niche is to “help people improve their health with the help of nutritional supplements with useful vitamins and minerals.”

This will be your foundation. The goal is >>> when the clients visit your website, they should say something like, “Hey, looks like it was made especially for me!” And that’s how you win the deal.

As an example, see how successful Organify business niche is.

You can learn more about them here. It’s worth knowing how successful companies accomplish everything mentioned here.

Ok, let’s move on to the next step.


Step 2. Choose Products You Are Going To Sell

The modern world has reached a new level, and you no longer have to produce your products to open a successful online store.

Everything is in your hands: you can create products yourself, or you can dispense without this process.

Over the past decade, two areas have emerged in e-commerce that greatly facilitate the creation of a profitable store.

1. Dropshipping – this solution allows you to sell products, but they will not necessarily be in your physical presence. When you receive the order, the manufacturer or supplier will directly send the goods to the customer. The point is that you can resell products from the manufacturer’s website in your online store while doing extra charges and increasing your profits. Here is a list of the biggest dropshipping companies:

2. Another modern solution is Affiliate Marketing. Here is a slightly different scheme – you sell products of other companies, receiving a percentage of the price of each sold product. Among the largest companies in the field of affiliate marketing are the following:

  • Amazon Associates – yet Amazon lately cut affiliate rates significantly, it still offers its partners an excellent opportunity to sell almost anything related to goods. Although the percentage is small, you can choose any of the presented products and sell them successfully.
  • ShareASale is one of the largest platforms for sellers and partners. After registration, you will be able to sell other people’s goods and make money on it.
  • Clickbank is another platform that is similar to ShareASale. Here you can sell goods of various sellers for a commission.
  • eBay Partner Network – even such a huge company needs help in selling its products. Here, the percentage of sales is small – 2-3%. However, the more expensive products you choose, the higher your income will be. It all depends on you.

In any case, whatever you choose, the product should be attractive to your customers and satisfy their needs.

The more sales you make, the faster your business and audience grow. Once you have decided what you will be selling your customers, it is time to put your first offer.


Step 3. Build Your Sales Funnel & Make Your First Sale

The difference between websites and sales funnels is very significant.

Websites are a digital brochure that does not affect the flow of your customers. Using only the website, you cannot direct your audience to where you want.

In turn, a sales funnel is a carefully thought-out strategy that directs your potential customers and pushes them toward a decision that you are interested in.

The difference is crucial. This is like offering someone your business card just with contact details and services, or specifically telling how you can help and why your help can be useful.

Check out this video to dive into details!

Also, check out this inspiring post on how switching to a sales funnel from a usual website drastically changed the business and the whole life.


Step 4. Build Your Email List It shows that the chance that new potential customers will make a purchase is only 13%. While for existing customers, the probability of purchase reaches 60-70%.

The difference is noticeable, right? Moreover, this is a key aspect of building a successful business. You need to not only look for new customers but also pay attention to regular ones. That is why mailing, in this case, is very important.

The base of email addresses provided by customers is your work tool. People leave their emails and are committed to continuing to shop with you. In addition, you, in turn, can contact them at any time and do it completely free.

Email newsletters are fundamentally different from SEO marketing. With the help of the SEO, you don’t have enough traffic and can only partially control it. Only one wrong decision or algorithmic failure can destroy all your traffic.

The main thing that you should remember – do not neglect the generating of email addresses when you run your ad. Build a base with every new ad you run.

One of the great options for generating email leads is to sell some inexpensive products from your niche. This product will simultaneously cover your advertising costs and attract the target audience.

Therefore, the first step in creating a sales funnel is to get the customer’s email address. After receiving the email, you can contact the customer and make a new purchase offer. Remember that real money in online business is earned not on new customers, but on regular ones.


Step 5. Create an Experience For Your Customers

Many scientific studies show that people are very emotional and most often make decisions based on their emotions. This also works with shopping. We make purchases based on emotions, and then justify them with logic.

This is why it is essential to create an emotional experience for your clients. If you succeed, then these customers will buy from you repeatedly.
There are several aspects to consider when developing your client’s experience. Let’s examine them:

Do your sales funnel fully reflect the values ​​and priorities of the company? To set up an emotional connection with a potential client, you need to show that the values ​​of your company and consumer match. A sales funnel is a great solution to show that you have the same beliefs as your customers.
What is the unboxing experience like? As the content of the product, the packaging must be of high quality and contain information about the company. Is there a logo on the packaging or on the product itself? What is the experience when your customers open the packaging? You need to pay attention to this aspect, and then you can pleasantly surprise your customers.
When will customers hear from you again after purchasing? Imagine this situation: you went on a first date or just mentally talked to a person. But then he disappeared somewhere: you have not received any calls or messages for a long time. Most likely, you will think that you did something wrong or simply the person did not like you. A similar situation occurs with customers. Buyers feel like an ordinary person, and absolutely do not feel needed. They realize that the business did not care about them, and like it cares only about sales. And then the desire to make a repeat purchase disappears. For this reason, we recommend you collect a database of your customers’ email addresses and stay in touch with them. Using the mailing list, share with your customers the latest news, exciting offers, and promotions. Let them feel needed, but don’t get bored and bother them. Just keep in touch with your audience.

Do you want to start your online-business journey today?

Often people believe that the creation of an online store is a long, dull, and very complicated process.
But that’s not true!
Indeed, you can have an online-business, ready to collect leads and turn them into clients, in just a matter of a few days.

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