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analytics tools for marketers

10 of the best social media analytics tools for marketers

Let’s talk about analytical tools for your social media. Have you used analytics tools before? No? Then dive deeper and find out how these tools can help you. If you’re responsible for your brand’s social media analysis, you have a lot of explaining to do. Because your business’ ability to build a following and convert customers means answering questions backed

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AI in marketing

Use of AI in marketing: present and future

Is AI dangerous? Will new capabilities bring new problems in the form of job shortages, or will everything collapse at the root and AI will not go beyond the current level at which AI can only be used in narrowly focused tasks. AI in marketing: You will work with the AI. The use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly commonplace

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How To Start E-commerce Business In 2021 – For Beginners

Easy steps to get started your e-commerce store in 2021!   It’s no doubt, the idea of starting an e-commerce business appears more and more attractive. E-commerce continues to expand every year. And with more and more buyers joining the world of online shopping, it has undoubtedly a bright future. Starting your own business is not easy, whether it is

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How To Start Your Online Store In 5 Easy Steps

How To Start Your Online Store In 5 Easy Steps

  To open an online store, you need to build your strategy and decide on some aspects that will directly affect the success of your store. Before starting an online store, the question most often arises of how to choose a profitable niche, establish a consistent sale of products, and form a large group of interested shoppers. Five simple steps

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