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Social media advertising: how to run a compelling campaign

Social media advertising: how to run a compelling campaign

Today we will talk about how to launch an advertising campaign, how to convincingly convey information to your audience and how different formats differ from each other. If you’re still on the fence about social media advertising, we get it. Research shows that one of the top goals for marketers is increasing brand awareness, which is why more and more

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Social Media is Pay to Play

Why Social Media is Pay to Play

Today we’re going to talk to you about social media and ways to grow your business on social media. Based on the data in this article, you can think more carefully about which social network to focus on. It’s hard to believe now, but only a decade ago, the internet was awash with articles questioning how Facebook makes money. No

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Paid Social Media

Paid Social Media In 2021: Worth The Investment?

Using real examples, you know how paid social media works and what their point is. This information will be useful not only to people who are looking for how to develop on a particular platform, but will also give insight and impetus to the development on other social platforms, perhaps some of you will even change their paid social media

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