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Insta Wild Making Connection

Wild Insta P-10: Making Connection

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This is the ten part of the Wild Insta Course called “Making Connection”. And it’s about the main rules you should consider to expand tour audience on Instagramе. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part 10: Making Connection

So another, a little tactic that has been very helpful when you post is to make sure that you’re connecting with your followers, genuinely commenting back and liking those people’s photos. Now when you comment back, here’s what’s important. You want to do something that builds rapport, and a big rapport builder is matching and mirroring.

Trying to give the person what they’re giving you. So, when somebody says to me “nice photo, bro,” I will say “thanks, bro.” I won’t say “thanks.” Not “thanks, brother,” or “thanks, friend.” I say the exact words they used to talk to me because they will resonate with that best. They use those words for a reason, so I use the exact words, which they used in response, they use five emojis. I use five emojis. I will match what they’ve done.

And I will repeat it back to them because that will build the biggest bond and I would recommend doing that as well. Also, you want to go and you want to like their photos too. Even if you only have, you don’t have dominique followers. People want a reason to feel good to their friends and social circles.

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So if you go and engage them, even if you’re like an all right model or photographer or brand, they’re going to go to their friends and they’re going to be –  hey, look at this brand. Look at this person. Look at this photographer. Look at this creative that went and liked and engaged in my photos and in my work.

They’re going to want to talk you up. And because they have now talked you up to their friends, they’re going to want to stay consistent with promoting you because they’ve now taken a stance on you and now you have an embedded follower. So you always want to engage back deeply with the people that are engaging you so that they have something to talk about.

The next time they’re around all their friends and when they get all around, all their friends and they start liking and engaging you two and you start engaging them back. Then they tell all of their other friends and they tell their other friends. You start growing and growing and growing, and even more so.

I think you want to spend a dollar eighty – is the amount. And what that means is give your 2 cents to, you know, nine different people, okay? You’re spending a dollar eighty, at least every day. Your 2 cents is writing a genuine comment on nine random people that don’t already follow you, okay?

And engaging people. Now here’s how you do it best, where you want to be doing. Is look into accounts that are just like yours. People who have similar followings, people who post similar things. People who have as many similarities as possible. As you do, find those accounts, go into those accounts and start engaging the people that are engaging those accounts.

Because if these people are actively commenting and liking the photos of this person who’s just like, you. The likelihood that they will want to comment and engage you is very likely. So go and target those people and give them your two sentences. Say something nice, very genuine. Don’t say “Hey, nice work.”

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Say, Hey, I love that shirt because it reminds me of this, and I love how you do this on your account and say something that when they read it, they say, this is not copied and pasted. They’re talking to me. If you could do that, they will be all so well connected with you. And that will also help with them wanting to talk you up to all of their friends and family members.

So building those crucial bonds and connections is incredibly pivotal to your growth. Another part of targeting is reaching out to the people that are better than you. People who are the next step ahead of you. If you’re a 5,000 followers, reach out to people who are at 10,000. There are 10,000 where you tend to people who have 20. The next step, because they know the challenges you’re facing now.

And they can help you through them. That if you’re at 10,000 and you reach out to people who have millions of followers, it’s going to be hard for them to relate because they were at your problems so long ago. The people who have recently triumphed over your problems, those are the people that you want to talk to because they know exactly what you’re going through and they can give you the best definition because they recently went through it, not years and years ago, but right now.

Just yesterday, just the other day, they went through that. So reach out to the people who are just a little bit better. Of course, you should also reach out to the people that are much bigger and that are in the position that you want to be in. A big problem is a lot of people take advice that had never been in the position that you want to be in.

It’s like, you know, taking health advice from a millionaire who is, you know, can’t leave his house because he is so sick. Wow. He might be a millionaire but definitely he has no knowledge of health because if he did, he’d be healthier. You don’t want to take that advice. You know, take the advice from the people who are in the position that you want to be in.

Wild Insta P-9: How Content Is Tested By IG

So yeah, it’s good to also ask people who are the next step ahead, but also try and reach out to some of those bigger people that are in your position because they can at least give you the broader mindset of how to get there. And they might not be able to give you the next step as articulate and as well as the person who is just there.

But they won’t give you a broader sense of what to do. I remember some of my idols that. I was reaching out to when I first got started, I’d always say, Oh yeah, I have a school project. Can I interview you? Can I ask you some questions? And everybody wants to get asked questions. It puts them on a pedestal.

So I’d go and I’ll talk to them and I build the bond. I keep connecting with them, and now a lot of those people are my close friends. Some of them I met for the first time as I drove up to their house, going to stay with them for a week, and I would get to go out and take photos and hang out with them and they would teach me things because I’ve actively put them on a pedestal.

And ask them questions. People love that. People want to feel like they are valuable. So reach out to some of these people and build the bonds. Say nice things, compliment them, ask them questions, dig. The more you do that, the more they will feel good in helping you. And if you’re a source of them feeling good, they will want to spend more time answering your questions and helping you out. And one day maybe you’ll get to hang out with them and then you’ll really start to, you know, get the inside scoop on how things work. That’s essentially something that I did when I was on the come up.

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