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instagram course 2021 - Wild Insta p-2

Wild Insta P-5: Key Things For Your Account

Table of Contents

This is the fifth part of the Wild Insta Course called “Key Things For Your Account”. And it’s about the crucial factors to build your following, and which of them are not. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Now when building your account, there are a couple of key things that will help you grow as well. First off, your profile photo. Now what I did is I took about a thousand accounts, and I wrote down their user names, and I wrote down how many followers they had. I worked on all of these different characteristics about their accounts, what kind of profile photo they have, what did their profile photo look like, what were their main colors.

And you know, if there’s a person, is it a face shot? Is it the whole body? You know, what did their bio look like? How long was their bio? Were they including emojis? All of these different things. And then the main thing I did at the very end was I looked at a website called SocialBlade. It allows you to look people up and see the rate at which they’re growing.

So I took the average growth rate per day. And it factored that in as well. And what I found was amazing. The bottom 10 people out of a thousand, actually it was more than that, it was about the bottom 50 people, almost 40 of them had warm, toned profile photos, meaning yellow, orange, or red profile photos where 40 out of the top 50 actually, I think it was more than that.

I think it was 45 out of the top 50 best performing accounts, quickest growing accounts, how to blue profile photos. So the blue is where it’s at. If you’re creating a profile photo, it should have some sort of blue tones that will help you grow a little bit lighter. Blue is always nice as well. There should be something that’s also in there that relates to you.

And here’s the main part is you want it to have something that evokes curiosity, that makes people say. Who is this? This can be done through anonymity, creativity, or sexuality. Those are the three main points as to what evokes curiosity in a profile. Photo mine, I use blue and I use anonymity with a splash of creativity, but any of these factors will help you next when you’re building your account.

Username isn’t crucial. Something catchy and yet personal. A lot of people like to use their first name and then use a made-up middle name, something that catches your eye, something that feels catchy and something short. You typically never want to include numbers and only include underscores when you have to, as well as the shorter, the better.

The easier it is to type in the last repeating letters, the better. So keep it as simple. Short and to the point, it’s possible if somebody has the username you want, there are ways of getting it from them. The only way to get it from them though is first off, they have to have been inactive for over a year.

If they’ve been active for over a year, you can try reporting the account multiple times until it’s taken down, and then at that point, you can acquire the username. However, there is also another way, as long as they haven’t used the account for over a year. If you can find somebody that works on Instagram, they can acquire the account name for you.

I know people who do this service, however, it does cost about anywhere between 600 to $2,000 per user name, and if this is something you’re really interested in, then you can feel free to email me and I can get you in touch with the right people. The next thing is verification. Getting verified obviously would help you grow.

Getting verified, however, is not an easy process. And here are the main factors is that one, you can apply in your settings, in your account, you can apply to be verified. But hey, you have to be relatively notable. And the second thing is you have to have at least three major news articles on you. They’d have to be big news articles as really important as the only thing stopping me from my verification is I have two major news articles, but not like a really good third one.

Okay, next is the bio. Having a good bio is also really important because this is the first thing that people are really going to see. That is going to give people an idea about who you are and why you’re about number one. It should evoke curiosity. It must make people want to know more. And the second important thing is to have a call to action that is so important.

You will up your amount of followers so much by having a clear call to action. For instance, mine used to be, you know, follow along on this journey or something like that. I’m basically asking the person to follow me. I’m telling them, Hey, follow me. Okay? But I’m doing it in a very calm kind of way.

My current bio uses assumptions. Surprise, it called the action using something called the Barnum effect. And my brand mind says, if you’re looking for something basic, you’ve come to the wrong place. So the surprise is all of a sudden me saying, you’ve come to the wrong place, but. I am assuming that the user does not feel like their basic.

By doing that, I’m using the Barnum effect. The Barnum effect essentially says it’s a phrase, the Barnum effect is like telling somebody that you seem like a very intelligent person. Well, everybody feels like they’re intelligent people. So the Barnum effect is using vague phrases that feel personal.

So what I’m saying is. If you’re looking for something basic, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m assuming everybody feels like they’re not basic. Everybody feels like they’re unique. So in their head, they say – oh, I must be in the right place because I’m not basic. And therefore, since I’m in the right place, I want to follow along.

So I’m using that as an indirect call to action using psychological tricks, assumptions, surprise. The Barnum effect evokes curiosity because then people want to know why they are in the right place. How come he sang this? So using some sort of implied, you know, follow me will help you gain followers.

And if you want people to contact you to book you for photoshoots, to work with your brand, to hire you in any sort of way to reach out for any reason. Just by adding something in there that says, email me. To collaborate, email our brand to work with us, anything like that. That alone will also increase your amount of inquiries significantly.

I remember a few years back when I finally added this in there, I was insane how many more emails and messages I started to get because people will go through and they won’t personalize these people. They won’t put in a name and a face together. They won’t. They won’t feel like you’re a real person. And so, therefore, they won’t realize they can talk to you if they want to, but by putting that out there, you’re reminding them that – hey, they can do that.

So we got the profile photo, you’ve got the user name, and we’ve got the bio.

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