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User Centricity Of Social Platforms

Wild Insta P-3: User Centricity Of Social Platforms

Table of Contents

This is the third part of the Wild Insta Course called “User Centricity Of Social Platforms”. And it’s all about why you should be very careful while expressing your thoughts while posting. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

All right, let’s get into it. So first off, we have to talk about the psychology of social media platforms. So the social media companies like Facebook, like Instagram, like YouTube, Twitter, they are user-centric. Always. They focus on the user experience, but not worried about the creators. They’re not so worried about the brands.

They’re more worried about the average user experience, which does include brands and creators, but it’s social media, so they’re focusing more so on people connecting to other people. So they want to make sure all their features work correctly and they want to kind of filter out people who are spamming and causing people to leave the platform.

Okay, so anytime you started doing anything that makes people want to leave the platform, then you will, you will essentially get hurt. Your account will be hurt for that, for doing anything that’s too spammy. That’s why if you try and comment too frequently, you’ll get blocked from commenting. Next. They want creators to be entertaining.

So the reverse of what I was already saying, being that they want to promote creators that keep people coming back. The more people that open up Instagram and search you and, and spend more time looking at your photos and your videos and, and watching your stories, the more time people are spending on your account, the more they will promote your account.

They want people coming back. Also, whenever a social media platform releases a new feature, they want to promote that feature. They want everybody to know about that feature. So whenever a new feature comes into play. They always will push it forward because they want everybody to know about it and they want to see everybody using it and they want all the people to see other people using it.

For instance, when they recently released quizzes on Instagram in the stories, anybody using quizzes probably saw it two times to four times viewership. The normal. The reason being is because they were looking to promote the people using the quizzes. So that everybody saw the quizzes feature was available now and that other people are using it.

So whenever a new feature comes out, you can basically bet on it helping your account grow. So those are the main things to understand about the platforms themselves, is they want to exclude spammy, negative people, and accounts. And they want to promote creators who are entertaining and that are bringing people back to the platform and the people who are causing users to spend the most time on the platform.

And they also always want to promote their most recent features, no matter if they’re good or bad.

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