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instagram course 2021 - Wild Insta P-6: The Gazelle On The Pond

Wild Insta P-6: The Gazelle On The Pond

Table of Contents

This is the sixth part of the Wild Insta Course called “The Gazelle On The Pond”. And it’s about the crucial factors to build your following, and which of them are not. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Now that we have the basic profile structure set up and what works best. Now we have to understand why we engage with photos, which is also applicable to why we would engage with the user. The same kind of metaphor applies a photo, as well as an account, is like a pond and the user is like a gazelle discovering the pond.

When the gazelle finds the pond, it’s going to approach with caution. It will look around. Observe its surroundings and make sure that there’s nothing dangerous nearby. Just one small crackle can cause the gazelle to run in the opposite direction, right? So we don’t want to have too many things that are distracting from the, and that could potentially confuse or alarm that gives out.

Now I didn’t understand this as well until I got into selling things online. When building landing pages for my website to help create sales, my number of conversions, meaning the number of people buying my products, significantly increased when I took away. A lot of factors, so therefore, when you’re creating your bio, maybe one emojis nice, but don’t overdo it.

Anything that’s too flashy and going overboard, you don’t fill up space. Just keep it simple and to the point, and that will attract the gazelle to the pond. If there’s too much going on, I become sensory overload and we just, we don’t understand it and therefore we just keep scrolling. We go to the next person.

Keep it simple and concise, and to the point, don’t overdo it too much. We’ll send the gazelle running, okay. Being the user in the same thing goes with our photos. Keeping your subject matter of every photo clear, concise and simple will keep people coming and engaged. They will have no fear of engaging because they will understand what’s happening.

A lot of photographers don’t do as well. I’m Instagram because they’re trying to incorporate too many subjects and too much into each photo. You don’t want to take away from the main subject matter. You want to make it clear and concise to get this out the gazelle to the pond. Okay. So on top of that, the reason we will engage into a photo is because it evokes an emotional response.

The different emotional responses it evokes is either a, it appeals to a desire. Therefore, when they see it, they say, man, I wish I had that. I wish I could go there. I wish I could have that kind of food. I wish I had a girlfriend or a boyfriend that looked like that. I wish I had a body like that. You are appealing to a desire and that evokes an emotional response.

The next is shock, something abnormal or surprising. When somebody does something very wild that evokes an emotional response, the next is achievement. When we see somebody achieve something and we feel happy for them or we want to congratulate them, we feel good for that person. And they have overcome something.

That’s an emotional response. Empowerment. If the person is empowering you, the user, you read the caption, you look at the photo and you feel good. That’s an emotional response. Also, wonder and curiosity. When you look at the photo or you look at the video and you look at the caption or something, you say, how did they do that?

You’re trying to understand. You’re like, how did they do that? That wonder and curiosity, that’s a good emotional response. Another reason we engage in photos also just for social reasons. That’s our best friend. Oh, I really liked that girl. I back guy. I want to get their attention. Those are other reasons, but that’s internal emotional emotions and wanting to cater to other forms of desires such as keeping friendships or keeping relationships or building them.

So the next two emotional responses that cause us to engage our fear, which is something that directly affects our personal wellbeing. So when somebody says, don’t eat this, and you eat that all the time, bad affects your personal wellbeing and that will cause you to engage it or anger. This is a very big one right now, and social media is finger-pointing in victimization, anger.

Will it evoke an emotional response? However, when creating a desirable brand around yourself or some sort of product, you never want to use fear her anger, although it will bring you short term gain. It will not last because people will begin to associate you with those sorts of emotions and people want to avoid those kinds of things, especially if you’re victimizing people.

If you’re victimizing people, then people will become fearful of you. Eventually victimizing them because nobody wants to be put out on the internet and slandered and defamed. So you want to be very conscientious about what you put out there. Anything negative might bring a little short term attention, but in the long term, it will hurt your brand and your persona so much more.

So try and stay with the positive ones. If you have a problem with people or something, you can do something about it. And maybe there’s a way to make it a feel-good story instead of by anger story. Hey, this thing happened, but they are misunderstood. I just want to talk about it. Some sort of way of flipping the script to be a positive thing and evoke a good response and not a negative one.

One that is, makes people angry or fearful. So when you’re creating your content, double-check with yourself, make sure that you’re creating something that has an emotional response and is also clear and simple enough not to scare off if they get Zell being the user. When you look at your photo, the content or the video, whatever it is you’re going to post.

Maybe even the caption says, does this appeal to desires? Does somebody say, I wish I had that, and they look at this? Does it shock them? Is this something that I’m proud of and they might be proud of me for creating it? Do they feel good when reading this or watching this, or looking at this? Does it, does it evoke any form of wonder, curiosity, these kinds of feeling factors.

Well, definitely better bridge the gap between you and your followers because when people start feeling emotions, when they’re looking at your content, that is how you begin to build the bond. These emotions also get people to want to spread the word about you. They started talking about you showing your stuff to other people.

So when you’re creating your content, think about it beforehand. Say, how can I shock people today? How can I make them feel empowered? How can I appeal to one of their desires? As long as you’re catering to one of these emotions, you’re off to the right path.

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