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Wild Insta P-15: Just Test

Table of Contents

This is the fourteenth part of the Wild Insta Course called “Advertisement”. And it’s all about advertising, which is an important method of promotin your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part 15: Just Test

So once you get everything kind of going, and now you know kind of what not to do. If you ever run into the problem of sometimes things just aren’t working and you’re not growing, well, here’s a couple of things that are probably wrong. If you’re not growing, it probably means maybe you’re not connecting enough with your community.

Maybe going out and engaging some of the creatives or people that are in your space or connecting with the people that are connecting with you. Maybe your content needs shifting. Maybe something just about what you’re posting. The subject matter is not what people are super interested in, so maybe that’s not quite right and to try out some new things.

Wild Insta P-14: Do s & Don’t s

Maybe the vibe of your feet is off. Maybe your profile photo says one thing, the flow of your photos, say another and your bio is another. Maybe things aren’t in alignment and. If you’re gaining a lot of followers, but then also losing a lot of followers at the same time. That means you’re doing something that’s offending people and making them want to follow you.

So maybe, you know, it’s that you always post is traveling things. Yeah. All of your stories have to do with you being in your house. I don’t know. Something along those lines that there’s some sort of. Contrast and maybe your stories that you’re doing or something in your captions that’s putting people off, that’s causing them to unfollow you.

So that’s something to be aware of. You’re gaining a lot of followers, but losing a lot at the same time. Therefore not really seeing growth. It’s probably because you’re doing something that is putting people off and offending people and causing them to leave just as quickly as they’re coming. So that’s it, guys.

Wild Insta P-13: Advertisement

That’s all the secrets to grind. Those are all the psychological little effects of everything you should be thinking about when you’re creating your post and you’re coughing your posts, how Instagram works. The little bit of things about the algorithm, the stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Why people engage things, how you should be thinking about your posts and how you should be thinking about your account.

You know how to achieve what it is you want to achieve in the mindset that’s behind it. Understanding it. And have clarity on who you want to be and where you want to go with everything. Remember, you want to be turning nickels into dollars and using other people’s nickels piggy pigging recipe and sticking to it and do the hustle.

Thank you so much for joining. I hope this has been incredibly helpful for you. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out.

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