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Wild Insta P-14: Do-s & Don’t-s

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This is the fourteenth part of the Wild Insta Course called “Advertisement”. And it’s all about advertising, which is an important method of promotin your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part 14: Do s & Don’t s

So here are some last things on what not to do when growing your following. First off, keep the negativity off. Keep the fear related things off of there. I mean, you’ll, it’s a short term attention gainer, but it will bring you longterm pain. Trust me. Don’t tear people down. Try not to address problems. Keep it positive.

I know that that’s not how the real world is. But just in the meantime, while you grow, once you grow, you can, you can promote whatever you want. You have however many people to tell about what you feel passionate about. But if you want to grow, the best way is to keep it sunny and keep it positive and be a source of, you know, relaxation.

Wild Insta P-13: Advertisement

People go on social media cause they need the escape. They need a distraction. Don’t be another source of their stress. Be a source of their distraction, the source of making them feel better. So trying to keep it positive. The next thing is to watch out for phishing scams. And what this means is watch out for people that are trying to hack into your account.

This usually will come in the form of an email that is supposedly from Instagram saying that – oh, log into Instagram. We need something from you. And the best way to know if it’s actually from Instagram or not – is to look at the email address. If it’s actually from Instagram, the email address will be, not, not

And usually you will never get an email from Instagram. It’s almost rare. And if it does come up, it’s probably because you’ve prompted something for Instagram to send you an email. You’re never going to get one that’s random. And if you do, it’s going to be and make sure that it’s at Instagram and they didn’t, like, replace the eye with like an owl.

So, you know, just be very conscientious that those things will happen. But, you know, ignore them. If it says – oh, you are up for verification, or something like that, just to, you know, log in, don’t log in, look at the email address. It will tell you everything you need to know.

The next thing is don’t join comment pods. Comment pods are, you know, groups of people that get together and like and engage one another posts. So that will hopefully boost up the ranking of those posts in the algorithm. But Instagram is super onto this, and it will actually if you’re engaging in comment pods, it will make your likes and comments less valuable. So try not to engage in those. Something you can do though that seemed kind of an opposite of this, is there’s something called power liking services that do work, but they are expensive. Power likes is when you get big, big accounts, so like millions of followers to like and comment on your photos and there are services.

Wild Insta P-12: Using Stories, Lives & IGTV

If you’d look up on the internet, they are very expensive. There are a couple of hundred dollars a month. But they get big, big, big accounts to all liking, comment on your, on your photos when you post them. And those are power liking service and those can be very helpful. I’ve heard really good things. I personally never done them, but I’ve heard really great things about them.

Uh, another thing you can do is you can also go onto the desktop version of your Instagram, if you owned to the settings of your, the desktop version of your Instagram, you want to make sure that you have nothing connected to your account. Nothing, no external applications. Cause this could also throttle your engagement.

And also, Oh man, there’s this little setting in your edit profile settings that there’s a little box in one of the settings on the desktop version of Instagram that says something along the lines of, you know, include my name. When people are following similar accounts to mine or something like that.

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It’s like expanded something when you, man, I’ll have to show you guys when you click on it. It’ll also help you grow a little bit faster because it will now include you when somebody follows an account and it little drop-down menu happens and said – oh, here’s similar accounts that you also might like.

Now they’ll start including your account as well. The last thing is don’t pay for shout-outs unless you know for sure it’s actually going to be helpful. Like there’s so many services that are reaching out. Oh, we’ll give you a shout out for $20. Well, if they’re offering that to you, they’re probably shouting out a hundred other people and that’s probably not going to be very helpful cause you’re, you’re just gonna get lost in the mix.

Uh, so make sure that, you know, the person that’s shouting you out is a) they never shot anybody out, and b) they must be growing pretty good. And also do it on their story. Stories are more effective than actual posts. The reason being is because it’s only there for 24 hours, so people know if they want to take action, they need to do it now, so they’re highly more likely to take action on a story than a post.

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