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Wild Insta P-13: Advertisement

Table of Contents

This is the thirteenth part of the Wild Insta Course called “Advertisement”. And it’s all about advertising, which is an important method of promotin your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part 13: Advertisement

The next thing that I want to cover is the last major thing on growth, but you should understand, and this is ads, okay? Now, ads you might have tried before, and they probably didn’t work very well trying promoting your account, using ads. Okay. It can become pretty expensive, anywhere between 10 cents to 50 cents, to get people to look at your account.

Yeah, and let’s say the average conversion rate of somebody that looks at your account might be five to 10%, meaning one in every a hundred people that look at your account will actually follow, or five and every hundred and average conversion rates about five to 10%. Okay. We’ll actually hit the follow button.

So, you know, if you get a hundred people clicking and that ends up costing you like 50 bucks, it doesn’t mean that’s ridiculous. For just five followers is not worth it. But there is a sneaky little way to do ads. That will help you spend significantly less and gain more followers. Even if it’s just getting you to that first 10,000 or it’s getting you up to a hundred you can, you can go to as far as you want, but you want to try and get as many as you can because that will help you get as many more as you can.

People come to your account, and they only see a thousand followers, they’ll be less inclined. But if you have, you know, 10,000 or 20,000 now, they’re going to be more inclined to follow you because they want to know why all these other people are following you too. So here’s a little trick, okay? What you can do is you can go onto the internet, and you want to type in something called Facebook Audience Insights.

One of the first links gives me the first link, the second link, or the third link. After you type in Facebook Audience Insights, it’s going to be one of those first links. And when you click on it, there’s going to be a blue box. It’s going to say Facebook IQ at the top, and there’s going to be a blue box that says, go to Audience Insights.

And when you go to it, you might run into a problem loading. If you run into a problem loading it, it just means you need to create a Facebook business account. This is different than having a Facebook account and a Facebook page account. Facebook business account is completely different, so you might need to create one of those, but if not, you should.

It should be able to take you right there; after you click that little blue box that says, go to Audience Insights, and once you’re there, you’re going to see a lot. There’s going to be two major boxes that say everybody on Facebook or everybody connected to your page or something like that, but you want to click everybody that’s on Facebook, and now you’re going to get this huge thing of analytics.

[11] Traffic Secrets: Google Ads, Pt.2

Okay? And you’re going to want to go up in the top left corner. It’s going to say in the filtering and all this filtering section on the, on the left sidebar, there’s going to be something that says, United States. If you’re in the US, or it’s going to say the country you’re in, and then you want to hit the X on that cause you want it to be worldwide, you want it to be tracking data worldwide.

And then if you scroll down, you’re going to see a little area on the left that says interests, and you want to try and figure out what you are as an interest. So for me, I might say portrait photography. Okay. If I type in portrait photography there. I’m going to see a bunch of data pop up, and it’s going to tell me, all right.

The people that are most interested in portrait photography are males that are between 18 and 24; that’s my biggest demographic. I’m going to change the settings on the left to be only 18 to 24 men. And then what I want to do is I’m going to go into the main filtering section where it’s telling you all these different analytics.

There’s going to be four tabs at the top, and one is going to say location. That location tab, you hit that. Is it going to tell you all the places in the world between 18 to 24-year-old men that are most interested in portrait photography? It’s going to give you all the different places. Okay. In the world where they’re most interested.

You want to open a second tab on your computer, and you want to type in the cheapest countries to advertise to on Facebook, and you’re going to find a list. And basically, what you want to do is you want to find the most interested people, the cities and countries that are most interested in what you do that is the cheapest to advertise to.

Okay, because your costs will go from 10 to 50 cents a click all the way down to 0,01 cents per click. It’s going to be so cheap. I remember I sent a funny little screenshot to a group chat of mine and I was like, look, I just spent $2, and I reached, you know, 15,000 people. It was ridiculous. It was so absurd.

You literally can spend only a couple of dollars, and you’ll get insane results from it. There are some factors into that, though. So when you find out the difference, like you want to take maybe a top 10 countries or like, no, I mean not tug top 10 countries, but the top 10 regions and cities and countries that are most interested in what you’re doing and then go to create your ad.

So you’re going to go into, or you’re going to go into Instagram, and here’s what you do. I’m assuming that you have a business account. If you don’t, you should. Okay. And if you don’t, then it’s going to actually take a little bit for you to get this up and running, but what you’re doing is you go into your insights section of your business account.

And when you go into the insights, so you go to your current, you hit the little menu bar, you go to your insights, and you go to the content tab, and when you’re in the content tab, you’re going to see something that says feed posts. You hit see all for feed posts, and at the top, you’re going to see this little bar that says, showing all posted in the past one year sorted by engagement.

You hit that. Little tab, and then you change engagement to follow, and in the past year is totally fine. It follows and what you’re going to see is it’s going to show you all of your photos that got you the most followers. Now. Instagram and Facebook won’t promote anything graphic or too sexual or anything like that.

So you know, depending on what you’re choosing to advertise, you’re going to have to pick one that’s at least relatively modest probably, but it will show you all the photos that are getting you the most followers. You pick the one that has the most, okay. This is real data telling you – hey, this is what people are engaging and turn into followers from the most.

So you should probably use this. So pick one of the ones that got you the most followers you think Instagram or Facebook will accept. And you go to promote the post, and when you go to set up, promote the post, and you click on it, it’s going to ask you to maybe sign in through Facebook for a second.

You go through that process. And then it’s going to start asking you a little bit of information about how you want to promote it. And you want to set it for people to, you want to send people to your profile. Okay. And then when it says select your audience, you want to go to the bottom, you say create your own, you name it something.

And then you start typing into the locations of all the people that are most interested in. In what you’ve written down. Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s singing. I don’t know what it is that you put into your interest. So after you’re writing all those locations, after that, it’s going to ask you for the interest and just type in that interest you put in before, whether it’s portrait photography, whether it’s modeling what, and then change the age and gender to the one that is most prevalent that people are most interested in that you put before.

[9] Traffic Secrets: Buying Media & Sponsorships

And once you have a setup, it’s going to ask you about your budget. And you know, you can do anything from $10 a day to $2 a day, and you can just set it yourself and try it out. But here’s a couple of things you have to understand about when you set that up, okay? When you first set it up, it’s not going to do as well, and this is common, okay?

Am I only giving you like 50 people who click over to your page or a hundred people who click over your page? This is normal in the beginning because Instagram and Facebook need a little bit of time. To understand the types of people that are most interested in your kinds of content.

So it tastes a little bit at a time, but after about, you know, 30 to 40 to $50 spend, that’s when it starts to really understand, and you’ll see a phenomenal growth. In the beginning, I was only getting about $20. I was only getting about 200 link clicks, and then it bumped up, and it went up to about a thousand, and now it’s at like three to 5,000 for every 10 to.

$20 I spend three to 5,000 people that will click over to my account, and even if it’s only one out of a hundred, I mean, I’m still gaining a good amount. So that is a secret little technique on how to use ads. And you can use that in third-world countries because it’s so cheap—nobody’s advertising there.

It’s a great way to grow super fast as long as you use it right, and you have a little bit of capital to spend, you know, make sure that you’re using the right creative. Yeah. Make sure you’re using a post showing you based on data, getting the most engagement, and getting the most people who are, you know, getting, they’re coming over to your account.

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