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Time For Ideas

Wild Insta P-8: Time For Ideas

Table of Contents

This is the eight part of the Wild Insta Course called “Time For Ideas”. And it’s about the main mistake of content makers – not to brainstorm their content to improve its quality. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Now when you’re trying to decide your content, you should always brainstorm everything. This is the biggest thing that people miss. They will rush into making so much content. So many videos, so many photos, and they don’t think about a single one of them. They don’t realize why they’re all doing wrong.

They can’t figure out how come all of my content isn’t doing as well as I’d hoped. Well, if you took 15 minutes before taking the photo before creating the caption or anything else, you took an extra 15 to 20 minutes and thought about it and brainstorm on it. Maybe you would have come up with a significantly better idea.

All good things first start as ideas; your phone, car, and house all began his thoughts in somebody’s mind. Steve Jobs had an idea to create an iPhone. A single button phone, and he did. He made it into creation. If somebody thought about the car that you drive in the house that you’re in, somebody thought about that on some level, it made it a reality, but if you don’t think about your ideas before trying to execute them, then they’re probably not going to be very well thought out ideas.

You have to take a little bit of time and think about your concepts — even just an extra 15 minutes. Well, do you so much good. It will put you so much further ahead of everybody else because not very many people think very deeply about the things that they’re posting. The things you should be thinking about are how other people are doing something.

Emulating those things, finding similarities between the growing people, creating variations of those things, blending those things, expanding them, minimizing them, combining them, or inverting rotate them somehow. Use the creative faculties of your mind and create variations of things that are already doing well and do them either bigger, do them smaller, do them in, and combine with other things that are doing well.
Find some way to do them better and do them differently.

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