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Insta Using Stories, Lives & IGTV

Wild Insta P-12: Using Stories, Lives & IGTV

Table of Contents

This is the twelve part of the Wild Insta Course called “Using Stories, Lives & IGTV”. And it’s all about using the features like Stories, Lives and IGTV to promote your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part 12: Using Stories, Lives & IGTV

Another really important thing about posting and connecting and doing these things on Instagram is your stories. As I said earlier, use Instagram’s newest features. They’ll promote you more. Use polls, use quizzes, use these different things, use the filters. They’ll, all of those things help. And next little secret that you can do is you can use hashtags and geotags to increase engagement.

And what you can do is when you make them, and you add them, you make them show small. You just make them super small and hide them somewhere, and therefore you will still appear on those hashtags and on those geotags, but it’ll be so hidden. Nobody would see it, so that now you’re starting to spread your outreach to relative places.

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Another beneficial thing is to try shouting out some of your favorite accounts in your story’s. There’s a high likelihood that a lot of people like to repost the people that are posting about them because then they get to tell their followers – hey, look at these people that are talking about me to try reposting and tagging the people that you look up to and sharing their work on your stories.
Because oftentimes, a lot of those creators will want to repost that. That you posted them to show their followers how engaged you are, which will help you get some followers too, and help you build a connection with these people. There are other features on Instagram, such as lives, which have solely been dying out doing Instagram lives, but if you do.

Instagram lives. Try and do it in collaboration. So, therefore, doing, sharing alive with somebody else who also is in a similar position. You know, sometimes I’ll jump on there with another photographer and answer questions, so people will see – O, I’m going live with this person. And the other people will be like, well, see that that person is going live with me, so we can cross-pollinate our followers.

And. How to promote one another and people can get a better understanding of who we are and therefore we are increasing our likability and relate-ability. And also this one’s really important. Use IGTV as much as possible. You know, behind-the-scenes tutorials teach them about you: lifestyle videos, cinematic videos, entertaining videos to keep posting.

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IGTV is going to be a much bigger giant than what it is now. Right now, it’s very minimal. And Instagram is going to do a lot with it. A lot of people who work there have told me – hey, keep doing stuff on there because they’re going to make it big. If you go to you explore page right now, it’s the biggest thing.

There is a big old block that says IGTV. Not very many people are posting on it, but everybody needs to see it. Therefore, there’s a high demand for good IGTV videos right now that’s being underserved. So the more you can do it, the more followers you’ll gain from the explore page, which is a billion people.

To potentially see your content, so get it on there. Get good content on there. Okay. Obviously, it’s important to have good content but have stuff that builds curiosity that’s very simple and easy to understand. This grip a ball. Maybe it’s only 30 seconds, maybe it’s a minute, maybe it’s the whole 10, but keep it something that pulls people in.

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