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Bonus Testing Your Posts

Wild Insta Bonus #1 – Testing Your Posts

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This is the Bonus part of the Wild Insta Course called “Testing Your Posts”. And it’s all about advertising, which is an important method of promoting your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part Bonus #1 – Testing Your Posts

All right guys. I just wanted to, I have this little tip for how to tell how well your page is converting normal users that come and look into active followers. So here’s a great little test to see how well your page converts people into followers. Okay? So here’s what you do is once you think that.

Your page is ready and it is what you like. A go back to one of the last parts of the program where I was talking about ads and I was talking about how you send these ads to third world countries like India, the very cheap countries, and here’s what you do is you pay for promotion. That’ll get you about a thousand link clicks, okay?

So you’re going to end up spending about $15 okay? You spend $15 to promote one of your posts to one of those third world countries, and before you promote it, look at your post and see how many followers you already have. So if you already have gotten like 10 followers from the post, keep that in mind.

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And then when you promote it, and once you get to a thousand link clicks, stop the promotion and then here’s what you do is you look at how many followers you gained from the promotion, and a good website converts about five to 8% of people into paying customers. That’s what a good website does. So a good Instagram account should probably emulate the same where that.

Every hundred people that come and view your Instagram, you should be looking at least five to 10% of those people converting into followers. And so if you get a thousand people that click and go over to your website, and out of those thousand you know, only 10 people followed you, well, that’s a really low conversion rate.

So that means there’s a problem. But if out of those thousand. You get 200 new followers. Well that’s, that’s really great. That’s a 20% conversion rate. That means 20% of all of these people are engaging, and when you’re doing this, you might want to do it. You might be trying to aim for a much higher conversion rate, like 10 to 20% since you’re already targeting these people to begin with, so therefore they’re a little bit more likely to engage you.

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So keeping that in mind, um, when you have random people that are coming to your account from shoutouts or other sources, that it might be a little bit lower of a normal conversion rate. So try and shoot as high as possible, like 10 to 20% when you’re doing these targeted ads. And if you’re not getting that, then you know there’s what’s called the leak in the funnel.

There’s a leak somewhere in the process of people going and following you. Maybe it’s that there’s no call to action. Maybe that your feed isn’t flowing right. Maybe it’s your profile photo, maybe it’s your bio. It could be any of these things. It can be, you know, you have something offensive and your highlight reel.

I don’t know. It could be anything. But at least you will know if your page is not converting as well. So this is a great little test that you could try out, see how it does, and you can now make decisions from there. And if you find, okay, my page converts really well out of every hundred people at least.

You know, 10 of those will follow me. Lots of really great metrics to now. Then it only comes down to, all right – am I doing anything that’s causing people to unfollow me? Am I doing things to help get more attention on my page? Because now you can start really calculating how much attention do I need to get to my page to reach the following numbers?

I want. So use this little method to understand your metrics and understand how much traffic you need to drive to your page to get what you’re looking for. This test can also be applicable to your content. So when you post, if you see, okay, I reached 100,000 people, and out of those hundred thousand, I only got a thousand likes while now you’re starting to see, okay.

What is my conversion rate for engagement out of X amount of people? How many people are engaging my work, and now you can start shooting for higher and higher numbers when you start understanding what it is and if things aren’t working, if you look at all of your posts and you see, okay, out of all of my posts, I’m not doing as well as I’d like.

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Then that’s not just going to change by continuing doing what you’re doing. You’ve got to understand that you must make shifts. Einstein said it best when he said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You got to make some shifts. So maybe those shifts could be anything from becoming more relatable or becoming more unique or any of the things that we talked about before.

Use the different things we talked about before and start stacking them on top of each other and using those things more. If you want to start upping your conversions, upping the amount of people engaging in your content.

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