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YOUTH blog 2020

Youth In The 20th

Table of Contents

The game has changed. Young people are no longer consumers but creators


And brands should connect with the next-gen of creators.
Because the same old doesn’t work in the new world.
The same old is monoculture, top-down (company 1st), ignored and unseen.
The new world is diverse and inclusive, bottom-up (people 1st) and culturally relevant!
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Youth in the 20th PDF report offers a human layer of understanding amid a deluge of emotionless data. The report paints a rich, nuanced and varied picture of youth culture today.

For this project, we actively focused on identifying the biggest pain points facing young people today. We begin with an analysis of the current brand-consumer relationship, before exploring the emergence of young people as new shareholders. At last, we provide a practical guide on how brands can turn their challenges into opportunities by maximizing action and minimizing anxiety.

Below are a few of the key insights that can be found in the report.



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