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Wild Insta P-7: Keeping Up With Trends

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This is one of the pieces from the Wild Insta Course. It is the transcribtion of the audio file which you can listen below.

Now the general vibe of your content, there are ways of finding trends that will help boost and accelerate your engagement. A really great way is to find accounts that are growing fast. Just like I mentioned, the website SocialBlade before, you can use that and it only really works for. Not all accounts, but business accounts, I think is what it works best for.

And if you look up a person’s account, it will tell you day to day how much they’re growing. As long as they have a business account. Again, it doesn’t work for everybody, but it doesn’t work for a lot of people. And if you can find people that are growing really quickly, these are people you want to emulate because they’re growing for a reason.

It’s just the laws, laws of cause and effect. One plus one will always equal two and if you do what they’re doing, you will grow as well. So, find the people growing the fastest and emulate the things that they’re doing. These things will help you grow incredibly fast. Another very secret thing that you can do is you can find trends using Google trends.

There’s a website called Google trends that gives you data on all of Google’s search terms. You can type in certain things like let’s say you’re a photographer and you type in the term photography. It will give you photography, it’ll show you where in the world it’s being searched the most and will give you relevant search terms.

So you might see Boca photography, meaning these outer focused blurry lights that are in the back and in the foreground of your photos. And if that is a trending topic, you can say to yourself, well, maybe I’ll include some Boca into my next photograph. Or if you type in. You know, swimwear and you see that a particular brand is trending well, maybe I should order my next swimsuit from them so that I can post and tag them so I can be a part of this rising trend.

So using Google analytics is a really surefire way to understand the growing trends, see what people are searching for and where they’re searching from to better understand a, your demographics. And B, you can look into things that are doing wow. So that you can leverage those things.

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