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How The Funnel Helped To Achieve The Desired Results

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VID How The Funnel Helped To Achieve The Desired Results

We were struggling financially so much. We were so poor, having four young boys. There were days that we were just living on pasta. There was no fruit in the house. And how are we going to pay our mortgage? How are we going to meet these bills and seeing this business and all of its potential and putting money into it and not seeing any return for years?

Financially it was, it was just really a struggle.

Better the pain of discipline than the pain of regret. And even at a very young age, one of my greatest fear was living a life of mediocrity. And being at the end of my life and looking back and seeing all the things I could have accomplished and all the people I could have impacted. It takes discipline and sacrifice, but it’s so much less painful than that pain of regret.

Hey everybody. We are here at MIG headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and this is where all the magic happens.

MIG is an organic skincare company where we handcraft all of our organic goods, everything from body and face products to herbal therapy bonds. And we do everything in house, we source from local farmers. We buy Robbie’s wax in 40-pound blocks from a local apiary here in Colorado Springs. People have transformed everything from dry, flaky, cracked, itchy skin to problematic breakout skin.

They’ve tried everything. They tried medicine, they’ve tried prescription drugs, they’ve tried everything from doctors and they come to us and within days they see a massive transformation. It’s incredible.

Five and a half years into our business, and I was spending all this money on all these courses and paying money to all these mentors and reading all of these books, and I was confused as heck, frustrated, overwhelmed. I still remember the day that I was sitting at my desk. I was pregnant with our fourth baby. And so I latched on and I told my husband, I found it like a found what we’ve been looking for digital stuff. I need to really zone into this.

I was kind of geeking out on the whole funnel thing right away. It was super easy, you know, we’re not just driving sales, we’re building a brand.

And so there’s a look and feel that we were going for and we were able to accomplish that with a funnel. We went from $0 million in our funnel to over 130,000 in our first six weeks in our funnel and our website.

And now we’ve done over almost three-quarters of a million dollars. And in about five months since September with soap and lotion, you know, not like $2,000 digital courses. The amazing thing is as we’ve had a website for years, we’ve had a Shopify site, and yet the funnel was able to be a catalyst for us to grow and so relatable and so real.

And the things are true and they work.

It’s been incredible. Just the small things too, like having food in the fridge is like, it’s a really good thing. We have options now and freedom. Incredible.

Just going through the journey of growing and building something has been so worth it. And now here we are, the whole purpose for us and being a business, in addition to legacy is being able to make an impact on the world. So we’re able to do stuff with human trafficking and cancer patients.

And for us, all of our dreams and all of the things that we’re doing and creating the impact that we want to create, it’s happening now.

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