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Full Brand strategy checklist

Full Brand strategy checklist

Table of Contents

Do you want to build your brand? Do you want it to flourish, but don’t even know where to start yet? Ha, then my discovery today will help you develop your brand strategy. With brand strategy checklist it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

Step 1. Preparation

Write your brand story.
Write where you`re stuck now.
Write where you want to be in 1 year.
Write where you want to be in 3 years.
Write where you want to be in 5 years.
Write what you want to be known for.
Write what you will own in a people’s minds.
Write why you started.

Step 2.A. Positioning

Outline your marketing positioning.
Outline brands that inspire you.
Checklist all the things you want to be.
Checklist all the things you don’t want to be.
Outline a list of your direct competitors.
Outline a list of your indirect competitors.
Outline the colors they own.
Write down the words that they own.

Step 2.B. Analyzing

Outline direct competitors advantages.
Outline indirect competitors advantages.
Write down your brands advantages.
Outline gaps in your marketplace.
Outline who competitors are targeting.
Differentiate who you are targeting.
Position yourself differently.
Write out your brands niche position.

Step 3. Messaging

Write a list of your brand adjectives for following:

  1. What does your compeny beliwe in?
  2. What is your primary internal culture?
  3. What world discribes your audience?
  4. What will be your voice to them?
  5. What do you want them to feel?
    Outline description to each, these become your company core values.

Step 4. Targeting

Create target audience to following:

  1. Outline your primary target consumer.
  2. Outline your secondary target consumer.
  3. Outline any tertiary target consumer.
    Write down for each of their demographics.
    Write down for each of their psyhographics.
    Write donw their unique challenges.
    Write down how you solve the chellenges.

Step 5. Strategy

List of all places your brand will be seen.
Highlight the primary touchpoints.
Qualify if brand applies to all touchpoints.
Summarize your brands personality.
Write your mission statement (the what).
Write your future statement (your goals).
Write trueline statement (what people think).
Write your friend taglines (who are we for).

Step 6. Design

Design a brand name that fits your position.
Design a brand logo that fits your voice.
Select colors that fit your core feelings.
Write copy that shares your why & story.
Design supporting design elements.
Design your brands iconography.
Select typography that fits your voice.
Complite into comprehensive brand guide.

I wish you to successfully apply the knowledge you have acquired and turn your goals into reality.

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