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article writing

What is article writing or how to write concisely

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Are you dissatisfied with the quality of writing and do not know how to improve them? Well, today is your day! This article will consolidate your knowledge, point out possible mistakes, and fix the right options in your memory with examples.

Article writing is a type of written work that is written for the purpose of reaching a mass audience through the press. In the case of article writing, the press refers to newspaper publishers, Web sites, magazines, or online news. Writing a newspaper article or website article is not easy. It requires a lot of research and writing skills. It is written in a way that informs the masses about a particular topic. The writer’s main goal is to change the world for the better by changing people’s views through writing articles.

There are different types of article writing. These are newspaper article writing, magazine article writing, SEO article writing, Internet article writing, freelance article writing, and many more.

There is also a division between these types of articles. Some articles, such as online article writing, freelance article writing, can be descriptive or narrative, which depends on the writer and the client they are working for. There are several types of article writing that most people are aware of. These include narrative and descriptive types, but there are many other types besides these two. These include persuasive writing and expository writing.

The most important among the types of article writing is SEO article writing. It is in huge demand with the new generation. SEO article writing is nothing but search engine optimization of the written article. The question may arise here: how do you make sure that the article has achieved its goal?

To answer this question, you need to do some research on the Internet. There are several ways in which most search engine optimization techniques can be used. The first is the use of keywords. Keywords refer to the important words of an article, which can be used several times in a paragraph or article to emphasize the importance of the word. By doing this, the reader will be able to see a particular article among the first few results when they search for that category of articles in search engines.

Solved examples

What is the format for writing an article?

Ans. The format of article writing is very simple and easy. To understand the format of article writing, you need to follow a few guidelines.

  • Write a brief introduction in one paragraph.
  • Write the main body of the article in two to three paragraphs, including all the main content and points of the topic.
  • Write a brief conclusion to the article.

Did you know?

  • Articles practically connect readers to the content in a very short amount of time. It’s like having a direct conversation with the reader.
  • The main aspect of writing an article that attracts readers is the content. The content must be interesting, otherwise no one will read it.
  • The article should be simple and easy to understand. It should not be too complicated. If it is complicated, readers will lose interest.

Writing Concisely

The basic rule for strong academic writing is to say everything relevant in as few words as possible. “Instant prose” can come from being forced to write papers of a particular length or being told that a paragraph must always contain exactly five sentences. This habit leads to the opposite of conciseness – wordiness in sentences and redundancy in paragraphs, which can confuse the reader and cloud your ideas.

Follow These Suggestions:

  • Write what you mean – nothing more and nothing less.
  • Trust and respect yourself as a writer enough to not overstate what you mean.
  • Study sentences in your first draft to see what you can delete without losing meaning.
  • Read each paragraph aloud. Be sure that all sentences support the topic sentence.
  • Keep concrete, specific examples. Cut out extra words, empty phrases, weak qualifiers, negative constructions, and unnecessary “to be” verbs. (See examples below.)

Also, watch for sentences and clauses beginning with it is, this is, and there are.

Examples Of Wordy Sentences – And Concise Revisions:

Try to eliminate extra words, especially at the beginning of sentences, and choose the more specific word:

Watch for weak intensifiers and qualifiers; sentences are more forceful without them.

Notice how much clearer the following sentences are without the words in brackets:

  • We found the proposal [quite] feasible.
  • The remark, though unkind, was [entirely] accurate.
  • The scene was [extremely] typical.
  • That behavior is [fairly] unique for such an intelligent animal.
  • The first line [definitely] establishes that the father had been drinking.

Make sure that sentences are specific and concrete in their conclusions instead of raising more questions:

Avoid unnecessary use of “to be” verbs:

Look out for redundant words and phrases:

Change negative constructions into positive constructions:

Simplify, simplify, simplify:

Well, I hope you have learned this lesson and that your understanding of writing has improved. I wish you a successful implementation of your knowledge and reap the fruits of your labors.

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